Letter from Kurt Kaufman about the current situation in Israel – July 28, 2014


Dear Friends and Partners

Good morning,


This week I have taken the initiative  to write my own actual update and opinion, regarding the situation running over here and not the giving an update from the media.


All the airlines have renewed their flights to Israel a few days ago, Turkish Airlines and other Turkish charter companies did it as well. We are in the period of summer vacation in Israel, moreover 56,000  people will arrive and departure from the Ben Gurion International Airport! Again I want to mark, that the Ben Gurion airport never stopped working normally.


All itineraries of tourists and pilgrims continue normally despite the attempts of Hammas to launch missiles that in fact were 100% intercepted. We are in contact with all groups and clients and received normal feedback from all of them during their stay in Israel.

Again I invite you to visit our Facebook page and Blog to see and hear the testimonies of people who are here.


The ceasefire with Hammas is eminent the situation will be back normal, maybe even today or tomorrow. We know our people and their way of living so we will be back to normal immediately.

This is our strength and determination, not letting any terrorist organization attack Israel


Dear clients In my humble opinion, the “fight”  is now in your hands. I would like to highlight that is worth fighting for each passenger in the months August and beyond


From Israel’s point of view, you have my personal guarantee that at this moment there is no problem promoting tours to the Holy Land assuring to your customers safety and security here. Ofcourse that we will be the first to inform you of any change in the situation.


On behalf of the Genesis family I wish you all good luck, strength and courage. We have surprises on your behalf to your customers  for the groups that comes on August.


Good week for all


Shalom from Israel




Tour Operator in Israel Genesis Tours