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Nazareth was the home of Mary, mother of Jesus, and Joseph, her husband. In Nazareth the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary was delivered by Gabriel. Jesus grew-up and educated in Nazareth until he began to wander the land. There are many Churches and monasteries in Nazareth, some of them are considered to be holy to Christianity:
Basilica of the Annunciation– a Catholic basilica in the center of the city, located in the believed spot of the house of Mary and Joseph. One of the world’s most important churches and the biggest Catholic church in the Middle East.
Mary’s Well – a spring next to the Church of St. Gabriel, served the city since ancient times. Believed to be at the place where Mary was given the annunciation. The spring is the symbol of the city.
St. Joseph Church – Believed to be at the location of the workshop of St. Joseph.
The Synagogue Church– located in the city’s market in an ancient synagogue, where Jesus is believed to have learned and prayed and where he announced that he was the Messiah. Following his announcement, the other prayers took him out of the city and tried to push him down off a cliff, but he jumped down to the valley below and the cliff was since then known as Mount precipice.
Mensa Christi Church– a non-active church built in the traditional location of a stone table, where Jesus and the Apostles dined after his resurrection.
The Basilica of Jesus the Adolescent (The Salesian Church) – has an impressive Romanesque front.
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