Tourism in Israel – The Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)

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Israel’s biggest freshwater lake and the lowest freshwater lake in the world, The Sea of Galilee supplies about 25% of Israel’s water consumption. The lake’s location in the Great Rift Valley causes big elevation differences with its surrounding area. The Sea of Galilee’s area is holy to Christianity and around it Jesus performed many miracles. The New Testament describes Jesus walk upon its waters (Matthew 14:25-26, Mark 6:48-49, John 6:19). Relics of ancient settlements were found in Beit Yerah (Khirbet Kerak), at the southern shore of the lake, dated back to 4000 BC. The Sea of Galilee was the cradle of the Zionist communal settlement. The first communal farm was founded on its southern shore – Kinneret farm and the first Kibbutz –Degania.



Tiberias is the only city on the shores of The Sea of Galilee. Founded at the year 20 BC by Herod Antipas, who named it after the Roman Emperor Tiberius, Tiberias was his Galilean capital. Between the 2nd and 10th centuries a big Jewish community lived in the city and it was a center of spiritualism with key religious figures living there. During the Byzantine period Justinian fortified the city and the wall he built lasted until the crusader period. During the crusades the city was the capital of the Principality of Galilee. After the Battle of Hattinthe the city was destructed and during the Mamluk and the Ottoman periods it was a small village. Today Tiberias is considered to be a major tourism center, due to its proximity to the Sea of Galilee and holy sites.

Tiberias is mentioned three times in the New Testament where The Sea of Galilee was called ‘The Sea of Tiberias’(John 6:23). Jesus and his apostles operated in the city’s area, but it seems that they avoided the city itself. Tiberias’ centrality in the region and the many miracles performed by Jesus around it, contributed the holiness for Christianity. Many churches were built around the area and made it a significant site for pilgrimage in Israel.


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