Letter from Kurt Kaufman – CEO of Tour Operator in Israel Genesis Tours

Dear friends, Shalom from Israel and good week for everyone,


I just want to take a moment and send you an update in regards to the current general situation here in Israel, and especially to its impact on the itinerary of our tourists.


First of all I want to clarify a major issue:

The Ben Gurion International Airport has never closed what so ever due the situation, flights arrivals and departures continues normally.

Except Korean Air, no major airline has canceled its flights to Tel Aviv. The Israeli airspace is open and clear as always.


Please, do not get carried away by Hamas’ propaganda, they have the clear intention of defaming Israel.

We do understand that you might have difficulties to hold customers that are planned to arrive in the upcoming days and weeks. Nevertheless, we want you to know the truth so you’ll hold all the facts.


Israeli military troops have in fact entered the Gaza strip, and this is the only place where an armed conflict is taking place. The itinerary of our tours occurs much further from this area. The Hamas’ missiles are aimed mainly to Israel’s Southwest region, and in any case are mostly intercepted by Israel’s “Iron Dome” defense system.


We are giving uninterrupted service to many groups and private clients from all over the world, and more are scheduled to arrive this week and in the upcoming weeks.

I would advise you to forward this information to anyone you think it might be relevant, mainly passengers that are scheduled to arrive during August, September and further on.

They will not face any risk during their trip in the Holy Land.


The main objective of this military operation is to get the terrorist organization, Hamas, to stop firing missiles against Israel. The current expected length of this operation is around one week to ten days, not much more than that.


We are fully committed to you and to your passengers, we will not risk any traveller and we will update them continuously about any changes.


We remain at your disposal for any clarifications or questions you might have. Just let us know what we can do to help.


A big Shalom from Israel.